Shipping & Returns


When will I receive my garments?

The estimated delivery time for custom made garments through our site is approximately 3 weeks. In Rare cases the delivery might be subject to influences beyond our control, such as fabric availability or natural disaster. In those cases delivery might take slightly longer.

What countries does you ship to?

We ships globally to many locations. Review the list of accessible countries during the checkout process and contact us if your location is missing.

Can I expedite my order?

Our current processing time is 4 weeks and we cannot expedite orders. We also suggest that you allow for additional time to include alterations if your suit is for a specific event.

Why is part of my order on hold?

If this is your first order and you purchased multiple items, we will process one item from your order first to ensure the measurements are correct. Once you receive the first item from your order, please contact us with feedback on the fit of these garments and we will process the remainder of your order accordingly. If you require a specific item to be shipped first, please let us know within 24 hrs of placing your order.



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